Sony Ericsson Xperia pro wallpapers

A wallpaper is an image or picture that serves as the background for the five home screens on your Xperia pro. Its width is 960 pixels (twice the width of the screen) and its height is 854 pixels. The first 480 pixels are used as background for the first home screen. Each time you scroll to a new home screen, the wallpaper is moved 120 pixels. On the last home screen, the last 480 pixels of the wallpaper are used as background.

After having saved a wallpaper on your PC, you must transfer it to your phone and then set it as a wallpaper. Be sure to include the entire image before you crop it.

Click a picture to get the corresponding wallpaper.
Then right-click the wallpaper and choose "Save picture as..."

Screen test (14 KB)

Rose (243 KB)

Blue stones (122 KB)

Blue satin (352 KB)

Water World (200 KB)

Water drop (322 KB)

Water drop #2 (247 KB)

Water drop #3 (476 KB)

Overlap (130 KB)

BLW05 (90 KB)

Avebury Henge (227 KB)

Avebury Henge #2 (410 KB)

Endless knots (65 KB)

Skull (221 KB)

Nautilus (391 KB)

Fractal Knots No. 2 (194 KB)

The Screen test wallpaper may be used to test your phone's screen, especially the colors. It has 16 columns and two circles with all basic colors in a bright and a dark version plus a gray scale and a RGB color scale. This should give you a good indication if the colors on the screen look natural. Screen test shows the following colors:

Column 1 - 16
NoColor nameColor code
1Bright red#FF0000 | 255-0-0
2Bright green#00FF00 | 0-255-0
3Bright blue#0000FF | 0-0-255
4Yellow#FFFF00 | 255-255-0
5Orange#FF8000 | 255-128-0
6Light gray#C0C0C0 | 192-192-192
7White#FFFFFF | 255-255-255
8Gray scale 
9Dark red (Maroon)#800000 | 128-0-0
10Dark green#008000 | 0-128-0
11Dark blue (Navy blue)#000080 | 0-0-128
12Olive#808000 | 128-128-0
13Brown#804000 | 128-64-0
14Dark gray#808080 | 128-128-128
15Black#000000 | 0-0-0
16RGB color scale 
Left circle
PartColor nameColor code
Left halfCyan#00FFFF | 0-255-255
Right halfTeal#008080 | 0-128-128
CenterBlack#000000 | 0-0-0
Right circle
PartColor nameColor code
Left halfMagenta#FF00FF | 255-0-255
Right halfPurple#800080 | 128-0-128
CenterWhite#FFFFFF | 255-255-255

The wallpapers on this page are provided free of charge for your personal use only. You are not allowed to sell them or use them for any commercial purpose.

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