LG G6 wallpapers

A wallpaper is an image or picture that serves as a decorative background for the home screen or lock screen on your LG G6. Its width is 1440 pixels and its height is 2880 pixels.

After having saved a wallpaper on your PC, you must transfer it to your phone and then set it as a wallpaper. Be sure to include the entire image before you crop it.

Note: Although the wallpapers were originally made for the LG G6, they might also be used on other Android smartphones with the same screen resolution, i.e. 1440x2880 pixels.

Click a picture below to download the corresponding wallpaper.
You may have to click the downloaded wallpaper to see it in full size.
Then right-click the wallpaper and choose "Save image/picture as..."

Screen test (124 KB)

B/W test (76 KB)

Abstract composition (1,088 KB)

Blue abstract flower (555 KB)

Blue abstract fractal (1,318 KB)

Blue fractal spiral (511 KB)

Blue tunnel (245 KB)

Colored fractal spiral (978 KB)

Colored light rays (538 KB)

Gold blue fractal (846 KB)

Lobster Claw flower (786 KB)

Snowflakes (1,380 KB)

Abstract blue shapes (752 KB)

Dark fractal pattern (742 KB)

Asteroid (518 KB)

Fractal bubbles spiral (985 KB)

Abstract blue fluid (326 KB)

Blue curves (106 KB)

Red Rhododendron flowers (934 KB)

Blue translucent cubes (642 KB)

Colored_diamond (310 KB)

The Screen test wallpaper may be used to test your phone's screen, especially the colors. It has 8 columns with all basic colors in a bright and a dark version plus 6 color scales and a gray scale. This should give you a good indication if the colors on the screen look natural. Screen test shows the following colors:

Column 1 - 16
NoColor nameColor code
1Bright red#FF0000 | 255-0-0
 Dark red (Maroon)#800000 | 128-0-0
2Bright green#00FF00 | 0-255-0
 Dark green#008000 | 0-128-0
3Bright blue#0000FF | 0-0-255
 Dark blue (Navy blue)#000080 | 0-0-128
4Magenta#FF00FF | 255-0-255
 Purple#800080 | 128-0-128
5Yellow#FFFF00 | 255-255-0
 Olive#808000 | 128-128-0
6Cyan#00FFFF | 0-255-255
 Teal#008080 | 0-128-128
7Light gray#C0C0C0 | 192-192-192
 Dark gray#606060 | 96-96-96
8Black#000000 | 0-0-0
 White#FFFFFF | 255-255-255
9Red color scale 
10Green color scale 
11Blue color scale 
12Magenta color scale 
13Yellow color scale 
14Cyan color scale 
15Gray scale 
16Horizontal lines - 2 px#000000 | 0-0-0
 Horizontal lines - 4 px#000000 | 0-0-0

The B/W test wallpaper may be used to specifically test the black and white properties of your phone's screen. It only has some black and white fields and a gray scale.

The wallpapers on this page are provided free of charge for your personal use only. You are not allowed to sell them or use them for any commercial purpose.

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