QS-UTIL 1.0   ·   1994-08-18   ·   Shareware Program Package

QS-UTIL is a package of very useful DOS utility programs (a DOS "tool box"). Some QS-UTIL programs are most suitable in batch file programs (BAT-files), while others are intended to be used directly from the command line level. The following programs are included in the QS-UTIL package:

BEEP   Produces beeps on the speaker
BOOT   Performs a warm or cold boot of the PC
DATEINF   Returns date information in exit code
DELAY   Delays execution a specified interval of time (see Note below)
EQHO   Enhanced ECHO batch file subcommand
KEYIN   Enters characters into the keyboard buffer
READFLD   Reads field from keyboard and writes it on screen
READSEL   Reads selection from a list and returns its number in exit code
RESTHDC   Restores hard disk configuration from diskette
SAVEHDC   Saves hard disk configuration on diskette
SCREEN   General screen output utility
TIMEINF   Returns time information in exit code

The package also includes a sample batch file, QS-MENU.BAT, that demonstrates how some of the QS-UTIL programs are used in a menu application.

If you are a batch file programmer, you will find that QS-UTIL offers you many of those nice features that you have always wanted, but never found in DOS.

The registration fee for QS-UTIL is US$ 15 (or DKK 90 or equivalent in a convertible currency). In return, you will get the "QS-UTIL Reference Manual" with detailed descriptions of all QS-UTIL programs.

Note: It has been found that DELAY cannot run under some versions of Windows (it produces a Timer function failed! error message). If you encounter this problem, you should use the newer DELAY2 instead. It is also included in the QS-UTIL.ZIP file.

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