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PINGTEST 1.0   ·   2018-07-11   ·   Command Script

PINGTEST.CMD may be used to repeatedly ping a device on a local network or on the Internet. It can be very useful if you need to troubleshoot problems in a network or with a specific device.

Call syntax:
PINGTEST.CMD  IP-address  number-of-tests
IP-address:  IP address of the target device (optional).
It may be either an IPv4 or an IPv6 address. IPv4 addresses are checked for correct syntax while IPv6 addresses are processed without any validation. If no IP address is specified, the IP address of the Default Gateway will be used. You may also specify an asterisk (*) to indicate that this address is to be used.
number-of-tests:  Number of ping tests to run (optional).
If no number is specified, the test will run until it is interrupted by pressing Ctrl+C.

The test runs every 60 seconds. A summary of the ping tests is written to a PingLog file while the reply from each ping test is written to a PingReply file. The PingReply file may be used for further analysis of problems and errors listed in the PingLog file.

Examples of call:
PINGTEST.CMD 10  --  Pings ten times
PINGTEST.CMD  --  Pings until it is interrupted
PINGTEST.CMD * 60  --  Pings Default Gateway 60 times

IMPORTANT NOTICE if you are using a non-English Windows version:
PINGTEST.CMD has been developed for an English language Windows 10 version. It calls the commands NSLOOKUP, IPCONFIG and PING and searches the output for some specific text strings. These text strings may be different in other language versions of Windows. If you are using a non-English Windows version, you may therefore have to replace the text strings in this script with the corresponding ones from your language version.

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