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LOCKPC 3.0   ·   1997-02-02   ·   Shareware Program

Locked PC. The text box is displayed because F1 (Help) has been pressed

Locks your PC to prevent unauthorized persons from using it. With LOCKPC you can leave your PC unattended for a while without having to terminate active programs, disconnect from networks and turn the power off. LOCKPC locks it all with just one command! The PC can only be unlocked again if you enter the right key (or password). The key is case sensitive and can consist of up to 16 characters, including blanks.

While the PC is locked, the time is displayed with big digits. Significant events, such as excessive failed unlock attempts and change of lock key, may be logged on a file. An optional feature called the "Hard Disk Guard" offers special protection of the PC's hard disk.

The file LOCKPC.ZIP contains the unregistered version of LOCKPC plus program documentation.

The registration fee for LOCKPC is US$ 15 (or DKK 90 or equivalent in a convertible currency). In return, you will get the registered version of LOCKPC plus a printed "User's Guide".

Note: LOCKPC will only work properly on a "real" DOS PC.

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