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FLDEL 1.2   ·   2009-11-07   ·   Command Script

FLDEL.CMD deletes unmatched files in backup directories specified in a list. It may be used to automatically delete files in backup directories that no longer exist in the original source directories.

Call syntax:
FLDEL.CMD file-list backup source
file-list: File with the names of directories where unmatched files are to be deleted, one name per line. The following options may be specified after each name:
/S - Files in subdirectories are also to be deleted
/N - No logging of files being deleted
/Comment - Any comment you may want to include
The file must have the extension .FLS, which is not specified in the call. The name of the file, including any path, cannot contain blanks.
backup: Backup drive and directory.
source: Original source drive and directory.

If any of the parameters backup and source contain blanks, they must be enclosed in " (double qoutes). The result of each file deletion will be written to a file with the same name and location as file-list, but with the extension .LOG. A log file called FLDEL.LOG in the backup directory is also updated with a summary of the deleted files.

Example of call:
FLDEL.CMD MY_Docs D:\Backup C:

Files in directories specified in MY_Docs.FLS are deleted in D:\Backup if they don't have a match in the original source directories on drive C:. The result will be written to a file called MY_Docs.LOG

Example of File list:
Documents\*.doc /S /All doc files in directory Documents and its subdirectories
E-mail /All files in directory E-mail
Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs /S /N
WINDOWS\KB*.LOG /All LOG files in directory WINDOWS whose names begin with KB

Note: Hidden and system files and files with the character "&" in their names cannot be deleted due to system limitations.

FLDEL.CMD may use the same File lists as FLCOPY.CMD. By means of FLCOPY.CMD and FLDEL.CMD it is possible to create and maintain a synchronized backup of selected directories. You can use FLCOPY.CMD to create and update the backup directories and then use FLDEL.CMD to automatically delete files in them that no longer exist in the original source directories.

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