Disk BIOS Error Codes
Table of error codes returned by the disk BIOS

If DISKGURU encounters a problem, it displays the hexadecimal error code returned by the disk BIOS. In the table below you can find the explanation of some common error codes.

01HInvalid function or parameter
02HAddress mark not found
03HDisk is write protected
04HSector not found
05HReset failed (hard disk)
06HDiskette has been changed
07HDrive parameter activity failed (hard disk)
08HDMA overrun
09HDMA attempted across 64K boundary
0AHBad sector flag detected (hard disk)
0BHBad track detected (hard disk)
0CHUnsupported track or invalid media
0DHInvalid number of sectors for Format (hard disk)
0EHControl data address mark detected (hard disk)
0FHDMA arbitration level out of range (hard disk)
10HUncorrectable CRC or ECC error on read
11HECC corrected data error (hard disk)
20HDisk controller failure
31HNo media in drive
32HDrive does not support media type
40HSeek failed
80HTimeout (disk not ready)
AAHDrive not ready
B0HVolume not locked in drive (INT 13H Extensions)
B1HVolume locked in drive (INT 13H Extensions)
B2HVolume not removable (INT 13H Extensions)
B3HVolume in use (INT 13H Extensions)
B4HLock count exceeded (INT 13H Extensions)
B5HValid eject request failed (INT 13H Extensions)
BBHUndefined error (hard disk)
CCHWrite fault (hard disk)
E0HStatus register error (hard disk)
FFHSense failed (hard disk)
SP Seek problem (hard disk)

Actually, SP is not a BIOS error code. DISKGURU returns this code if it takes abnormally long time to locate a sector on a hard disk. It may indicate that the hard disk is becoming unstable. You should then consider backing up your important files!

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