Crypto Master
CRYPMAST 1.0   ·   1997-01-18   ·   Shareware Program

File being encrypted

File encryption and decryption. Crypto Master (CRYPMAST) offers you the ultimate encryption protection plus some unique features not found in other encryption programs.

Crypto Master can be used to encrypt sensitive files to prevent others from reading them or using them. If you are going to send files over a public network, e.g. the Internet, it may also be a good idea to use Crypto Master to encrypt them before they are sent.

Files are encrypted using an "Encryption key". The encryption key is case sensitive and can consist of up to 32 characters, including blanks. When a file is encrypted, you may also enter an optional comment, which will be displayed when the file is decrypted.

To decrypt an encrypted file, you must specify exactly the same key that was used to encrypt it, otherwise Crypto Master will not decrypt it! When Crypto Master decrypts a file, it also restores the original properties of the file, i.e. date, time and attributes.

Help is available in the program. No printed documentation.

The registration fee for Crypto Master is US$ 10 (or DKK 60 or equivalent in a convertible currency). In return, you will get the registered version of Crypto Master.

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